One Month Course

Basic of Telecommunication and Network

What is telecommunication

History of telecommunication

Introduction to the communication network

Structure comparison b/w the human body and the communication network.

Modern communication network.

How to learn about the communication network?

Common communication services

Components of a Telecommunication system

Basic elements of Telecommunication system

Functions of Telecommunication system

Transmission medium

Telecommunication network

Telecommunication medium

Telecommunication system

Satellite communication system

Mobile cellular system

Radar and sonar system

Microwave Radio system

Types of signals

Network Topologies


A local area network

Wide area network

Value-Added network

Packet switched network and Packet communication.

Top 10 largest telecom operators in world

Top 15 telecom companies in world

Overview of GSM

Introduction to GSM

Specifications of GSM

GSM network area

GSM Architecture

Mobile station

GSM Channels

GSM radio links

Mobility management

Call management

Radio Resource Management

Security in GSM

Mobile station

GSM Channels

Overview of GSM

Introduction to GSM

Specifications of GSM

Characteristics of GSM standard

Advantages of GSM

Future of GSM

Principles of the WCDMA System

Introduction of WCDMA

3GPP Releases


Media gateway introduced in R99

IMS introduced in R4

HSDPA Introduced in R5

EUL Introduced in R6M

Overview of LTE

Introduction of LTE

System Architecture Evolution


Downlink transmission sceme

Uplink transmission scheme