Two Weeks Wireless Technology

Course Objective

Focuses on the basic electronics involved in mobile communication, GSM internals, Introduction to GPS & other vital tools used in the transmission. Radio frequency planning, execution and optimization in GSM network.

Telecom Essential Telecom in India and Evolution, Basic Telecom Services, Telecom Bodies, Digital Communication, Sampling, Digital Pulse code Modulation, FEK and PSK, Telecom Services and Networks, Telecom Switching and Signaling, Introduction of Network Planning.

GSM System Engineering Introduction of GSM, GSM Frequency Bands,GSM Services, Architecture of GSM Network, Channel Concepts, Radio and Air Interface, Traffic Interface, GSM Identities.

RF Engineering RF Fundamentals, RF survey, Planning and Optimization of GSM Network.

Transmission Engineering Microwave Radio Basics, Modulation scheme, Equipment Configuration, MW Planning Basics, Path Profile, Wave Propagation, RL Tool Working.

Telecom Network Management Unix Fundamental, X.25, Network Management System, Management Reports and Sub Reports, Traffic Recording.

Operation and Maintenance Classification of Faults, O&M Philosophy, O & M Telecommunication Network, O & M Support System.