Tower Technician

Tower Technician

Total Duration: 120 hrs

Medium of instruction: English/Hindi

This training program is aimed at training candidates for the job of "Tower Technician" in the telecom sector and by the end of the course aims to build the following key competencies Individual in this role is responsible to maintain site live 24*7, maintain and repair level-1 faults/issues at telecom tower site, level-1 preventive and corrective maintenance and report faults to the supervisor in time. Individual also needs to travel inter-state and work during odd hours, when required. This course encompasses the units TEL/N4100,TEL/N4012,TEL/N4103,Tel/N4014 National Occupational standards(NOS) of the Qualification pack for Tower Technician issued by TSSC(Telecom Sector Skill Council).

10+ 2 or equivalent and above

  • Basic Electronic (Current & Voltage)
  • Basic Electronic (Component)
  • Basic Digital Electronic (Number System)
  • Concept of OSI Layer
  • Networking Devices
  • Feeder Cable & Connectors
  • GSM Concept
  • Nokia Flexi BTS Architecture
  • Microwave NEC installation
  • Use of SiteMaster
  • Basic Computer
  • Types of Tools & It's Maintenance
  • Site Alarms and Process
  • SMPS Technology, Features and components
  • SMPS for MSC and BTS Sites
  • Active Operation & Maintenance of SMPS
  • Trouble shooting Procedure in SMPS
  • Overview of batteries for telecom systems
  • Types of battery bank and capacities
  • Initial charging & Discharging
  • VRLA Battery Performance and Monitoring
  • Battery Trouble shooting
  • Battery Maintenance Practice
  • Working principles of DG set
  • DG set sizing, rating and component parts
  • DG set Fuel and Lubrication system
  • Cooling System
  • DG set Maintenance check and Operation
  • Trouble shooting of DG sets
  • AMF Panel - Circuit
  • AMF Panel - Troubleshoot
  • AMF Panel - Troubleshoot
  • Overview of PAC, Flow Diagram
  • PAC types and makes
  • Unit specifications & Maintenance
  • Earthing and it's classes
  • Earth electrode systems
  • Earth Resistance Testing
  • Safety from High Voltages & Fire
  • Safety from RF and Laser Radiation
  • Tower Safety Systems & Fall Prevention
  • Tower Safety Systems & Fall Prevention
  • Service Leavel Agreement (Part-1)
  • Service Level Agreement (Part-2)
  • Service Level Agreement (Part-3)
  • Optical Fiber Cable Splicing methods
  • Maintenance Performance Reporting

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